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What will you learn in this mini-course?

You'll discover how to use simple graphic design techniques in Canva to create stunning Instagram posts. And, don't worry, you don't need any design skills or an ounce of creativity.

Remove  backgrounds with one click

Removing image backgrounds used to be a pain-staking process or the reserve of graphic designers with Photoshop skills. In this lesson, you'll learn how to do it in one click as well as add a cool glow effect. Psst. It's the same technique I used to create that thumbnail.

The secret formula for high engaging carousels

Carousel posts are a great way to give your audience huge value, increase your engagement, and boost your social media. But most personal trainers lack a clear structure for repeatable success. In this lesson, you'll discover my proven formula that works every time.

How to turn Instagram followers into leads

Let's face it. You post on social media to grow your fitness business. But consistent posting can feel like a futile exercise, with the only engagement coming from a few sympathetic friends. This lesson shows you how to use design skills to make your posts more effective.

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